Crane Operator Certification

we offer the following certifications: small telescopic (fixed cab),

large telescopic (swing cab), Lattice.

Monday – Thursday:

Classroom Instruction 8am – 4pm


Practical Exam 8am – 4pm


Written Exam 8am – 12pm

NCCCO Sign-Up Instructions


The Crane Operator Certification class starts on a Monday at 8am with a class orientation and the requirements to become a certified crane operator.  The remainder of classroom instruction time throughout the week will consist of basic definition, proper operation, related ASME & Federal OSHA requirements, problem solving and hands on crane practice.

For the next available class see the Class & Testing Schedule.

Practice time in the crane is included on obstacle course.



To be re-certified as a crane operator, all candidates must pass a written exam before the end of their expiration date stated on the front their current certification card.  A practical exam would only be required if a candidate has not operated a crane for 1000 hours or more within that five year period.  Our re-certification class consists of a one day refresher class from 8am to 4pm on a Thursday and a written exam on the following day.

For the next available re-certification class see the Class & Testing Schedule.